Walk to Cambodia


Human and Hope are committing to raising $10,000 this April to help children access quality education. Thanks to our generous supporters we have raised {amount} so far. To help us reach our goal of $10,000 we encourage you to share your Walk to Cambodia fundraising pages! Together, we can ensure these education programs survive the stress that COVID-19 has put on our funding sources.

Children educated to date:

Participants in the Walk to Cambodia gain free access to exclusive online fitness classes.

Are you looking for a fun way to be social and get FIT?

Are you always looking for a way to give back to those less fortunate?

This year, we challenge you to WALK TO CAMBODIA! 

No, not literally 🙂 

In our second annual Walk To Cambodia fundraiser, we invite individuals and corporate teams to challenge themselves and their colleagues by making a commitment to their fitness and their social conscience. During the month of April, participants will walk at least 10,000 steps a day, and raise funds for the Human and Hope Association. The goal is for participants to collectively walk the whole distance from Australia to Cambodia. That is approximately 9,572,640 steps!

Not only will your waistline be tighter and mental health be sharper, but for every $120 you raise, you support another child in Cambodia to get education they otherwise would not receive.

The more funds you raise, the more children’s places you enable.


Cambodia remains the poorest ASEAN country with 35% still living in multidimensional poverty, despite recent economic growth. Children and young people under 19 in Cambodia are generally amongst the poorest and constitute 45% of the total poor (UNDP 2018). While these figures may seem overwhelming, we can play our part in changing these statistics.

We all know that quality education is key to alleviating inter-generational poverty. That’s why this April, we are going to ‘Walk to Cambodia’ and raise enough funds to provide 50 Cambodian children living in poverty with English and Khmer (their native language) education for a full year. 


These students study at Human and Hope Association (HHA), a Cambodian-run NGO that conducts education, vocational training and community development projects, targeting the poorest and most vulnerable women and children in rural communities. HHA has a proven track record in bringing its community members out of poverty. They have a 90% pass rate in their English language program, have seen 31 families break the cycle of poverty and have reduced domestic violence, bad hygiene practices and road accidents in its community through workshops. 


Throughout the month, you will aim to walk 10,000 steps a day and will record your steps through our platform. We want to collectively walk the distance to Cambodia! You will have your own fundraising page and will encourage your networks to donate to your fundraising page. For every $120 you raise, a child will receive a year of education. It’s incredible, isn’t it?


That’s great, thank you so much for committing to your health and the education of Cambodian children! Here is what will happen:

  1. SIGN UP on our website
  2. START STEPPING from April 1st and record your steps each day using a step counter or fitness tracker. There are badges along the way as you reach key milestones, and weekly health tips straight to your inbox!
  3. GET SOCIAL and share with your friends on social media and via email to get your work and friends involved. We are organising social walks across Australia and would love for you to join us.

What are you waiting for? 

Get your step counter ready, tie up those laces and head on over to our sign up page so we can Walk to Cambodia this April and raise funds to alleviate poverty through education!