Q: What is the Walk to Cambodia?

A: The Walk to Cambodia is a virtual fundraising and fitness event that runs throughout the month of April. Now in its third year, our goal is for our participants to collectively walk the distance from Australia to Cambodia whilst raising crucial funds for children’s education programs. In 2021, we want to raise funds to support 200 Cambodian children to receive a year of quality education.

Q: How do I sign up to participate in the Walk to Cambodia?
A: You can sign up from here.

Q: How long does the Walk to Cambodia go for?
A: From Thursday 1st April 2021 to Friday 30 April 2021.

Q: Is there a registration fee?
A: No. Each participant will be encouraged to accumulate as many donations over the course of the event. You will set up a donation page with GiveNow as part of the registration process.

Q: Are donations to my fundraising page tax-deductible?
A: Donations over $2 are tax-deductible within Australia, yay!

Q: Can I sign up in a team?
A: Definitely! You can register as an individual or a team. If you are walking in a team, each team member will register separately on the Walk to Cambodia website, but only one person needs to establish the team fundraising page through GiveNow. It’s best to nominate a ‘Team Leader’ to take charge. You can learn more about team fundraising pages here.

Q: Do I have to walk a certain number of steps per day?
A: Not at all, do what feels best for you. If you haven’t walked long distances in some time, we recommend gradually building yourself up.

Q: Will I be provided with a step counter?
A: All participants are required to use their own step counting device and log their steps via this website. If you do not have a step counting device you can download free apps via your smartphone (such as FitBit) which will assist you with documenting your steps.

Q: How do I log my steps?
A: Once you register, you will be provided with login details to this website that will allow you to access your profile and submit your steps on a regular basis.

Q: What will the funds raised by this event go towards?
A: All donations will go towards Cambodian children living in poverty. For every $120 you raise, a child in Cambodia will receive a year of education. More information is available here.

Q: What are the hashtags associated with this event?
A: #WalkToCambodia2021 #healthyapril #humanandhope. You can tag us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. We would love for you to share your progress on social media. Remember, there is a prize for the best social media post!

Q: I love this idea, but I don’t walk much each day.
A: That’s why taking part in this event is the perfect way to motivate you to get your steps up! You will be part of a group challenge, whilst also raising crucial funds for education programs in Cambodia.

Want ideas on how to get your step count up?

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift at work
  • Park as far away as possible from the supermarket
  • Have walking meetings instead of sitting at a desk
  • Walk around the house during commercial breaks
  • Take a post-meal walk, which will also help you digest your food quicker! 
  • Play ‘catch’ with the kids (or adults) in your life