Food for the Soul

Have you found yourself hungrier than usual since beginning the #WalkToCambodia2021? We wouldn’t be surprised if you are, because collectively we have walked all the way to Cambodia!

Recommended recipes to fuel you for your walks

Zucchini Slice | Not Quite Nigella

We can’t go past a classic zucchini slice recipe. This recipe can be consumed hot or cold, so why not take it with you on a hike?

Chilli Con Carne | Taste

Ready in 40 minutes, this healthy Mexican beef chilli con carne is packed with vegies and served with natural yoghurt.

Salmon and Sweet Potato Patties | Australia’s Best Recipes

These patties are kid-friendly, and perfect for after-school snacks, lunch boxes and dinners.

Spicy Pumpkin Soup | Live Lighter

What better meal to come home to on a rainy day than pumpkin soup? Serve this recipe with some homemade garlic bread and you have a winner!

Tell us, what’s your favourite recipe to fuel yourself during the Walk to Cambodia?