Get those steps up!

Our team has walked approximately 5% of the way from Sydney to Siem Reap. If we keep it up, we will smash our goal by the end of the month!

Want ideas on how to get your step count up?

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift at work
  • Park as far away as possible from the supermarket
  • Have walking meetings instead of sitting at a desk
  • Walk around the house during commercial breaks
  • Take a post-meal walk, which will also help you digest your food quicker!
  • Play ‘catch’ with the kids (or adults) in your life

And don’t forget to fundraise! For every $120 we raise, a Cambodian child will receive a year of education at Human and Hope Association. We have raised $1,577 so far, and we want to reach $4,000!

You can support your fellow walkers by clicking here.