Let’s educate more children like *bora

We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, which is why we are holding the Walk to Cambodia. With your help, we will be able to provide quality education to more children like *Bora.

Bora comes from a family of seven children who are living in poverty. Through HHA’s outreach program, the education team at HHA came across Bora in 2014, who told them he had never attended English classes before. Bora was provided with an education scholarship that included free tuition and study supplies and he was registered in HHA’s beginner English class.

Through his commitment, Bora is now studying in the final English level at HHA. He can confidently communicate in English, which will help him in the future to attend university or secure a job in the tourism industry. Bora is constantly number one in his class.

We have raised $2,110 so far and will be able to provide education to 17 Cambodian children like Bora. Our goal is to provide quality education to 33 Cambodian, one child for every participant.

It only costs $120 to provide a full year of quality education to a Cambodian child. To help you promote your fundraising page to your networks, we have created an email template you can feel free to tweak as necessary. You can also promote your fundraising page on social media, hold a morning tea fundraiser at your workplace, or do a loose change collection amongst your friends to help you reach your goal. 

Together, we can help Cambodian children break free from poverty through quality education.

Keep up the great walking and fundraising!