We are partnering with some very generous fitness professionals to bring you free online classes that can be undertaken in the comfort of your own homes. These classes will help you with both your physical and mental health, something that is critical in these uncertain times.

Register below and you will automatically be sent a Zoom link for your class!

If you are not registered for the Walk to Cambodia, but want to participate in these classes, you can!

To attend a class, make a donation via this link then register for the class you wish to attend.
One class = $5 donation (two weeks of education for a child)
One month of classes = $60 donation (six months of education for a child)

Zumba with Project Enko

Exercise the mind, strengthen the body and lift the spirit with Project Enko! Never danced before? No problem. Take everything at your own pace and just keep moving. Two things are a guarantee; serious sweat and smiles.

Fitness level: All levels; take it at your own pace
Equipment needed: Some space and a towel, as it is going to get sweaty

DanceDesk with Dance Health Alliance

Join Gwen Korebrits, the founder of the Dance Health Alliance, as she takes you through a 30-minute class that is tailored towards working from home. This class is suitable for all ages, and is very beneficial for those who want to stimulate their immune system and maintain positive mental health.

Fitness level: Beginner
Equipment needed: None

Yoga with Eve White

Join Eve White as she leads us through therapeutic yoga classes. Eve believes in a world where everyone wakes feeling connected, which is exactly what you will feel with these classes. 

Fitness level: Beginner
Equipment needed: Pillow, yoga mat
and a block if you have tight hamstrings

Barre with Caitlin Hennessy

Join Caitlin Hennessy for some incredible classes, including Ballet Beginners for fundamental steps for dancing in your living room, Barre Amplify for strong, challenging low-impact, high intensity cardio and strength workout and Barre/Brazilian Booty, a cardio butt workout that uses Brazilian inspired dance moves.

Fitness level: Beginner/Intermediate
Equipment needed:
Chair and towel

Mindfulness with Chris The Psychologist

Chris the Psychologist will spend an hour on psychoeducation that will allow you to practice mindfulness – make it become part of your lifestyle.

Learn new skills and receive resources on how to use this in your own time, long after the Walk to Cambodia has finished.