SIX movies to inspire you to keep fit

Walk for Cambodia has officially kicked off! How are you going with it? We hope you are enjoying yourself, but are also finding it challenging but rewarding to get motivated to do your daily steps?

We know it can be hard to get up and go for that walk to get as many steps as you need! So to help spring you into action, we have created a list of six movies you can watch to help inspire you to be fit! 

Of course, you need to take action and not just sit and watch all these movies. There are a few classics in there, which one is your favourite?

The (original) Karate Kid

Now, this is a classic and is sure to inspire you to take up karate! The whole wax on, wax off can even inspire you to wash your car. The art of karate can also encourage you to start anything from boxing classes to yoga! As it is a skill-based practice, it will surely motivate you to get those steps you need in April. Of course, we love an underdog movie!


Speaking of boxing! Rocky is sure to get you off the couch and into the ring (maybe not at an extreme level). Not only will Rocky motivate you to get fit, but it is also a great feel-good movie to get you motivated for life, goals and success! But if you want to run up a heap of stairs to clock up those steps in April, be our guest!! 

Million Dollar Baby

If none of the above inspire you, Hilary Swank, staring as a female boxer will! The training and fight scenes are enough to show you women are tough enough to compete and will surely get you off the couch and into action!


Maybe boxing and fighting isn’t your thing? You can get your physical activity (and steps in April) from dancing!! Plus whether you are male or female, who doesn’t love seeing Channing Tatum dance? Either way, the music and the dancing in this movie will get you off the couch! 

Bend it like Beckham 

Another great woman powerhouse movie! Bend it like Beckham will not only inspire you to get up and exercise (or play soccer), but it will inspire you with the message “you can do anything if you are passionate enough”. We really love this movie, a classic empowering and motivating film!  

Forrest Gump 

Run Forrest! If you need some motivation to get your steps up, this might be the perfect movie for you! With a mentality like Forrest, you will get those steps up in a matter of days!! Plus it is a classic movie. You can’t go past this one. 

Final thoughts 

Movies are always a good form of motivation and inspiration, so why not find some for our Walk to Cambodia challenge! But remember, don’t spend the whole month watching all these movies, you need to get those steps up! 

What was your favourite movie? Take a screenshot and share it on your social media and tag us!