Six ways to work out for free in April

You don’t have to be a gym member to workout. Of course, during this time, even if you wanted to join a gym, you are unable due to what is happening in the world. 

Now is a great time to get more exercise time in, the type of exercise that is free! We don’t want you to have to pay money during this time to get a good workout in, so we have created a few ideas on how to work out for free! 


We are pretty confident you know this one is free. For an extra challenge, try taking hand weights with you or walk a longer distance at a faster pace. Take the route with more hills to really give yourself a challenge. 

But during this time, please exercise social distance while walking. We understand this is a challenge, but soon enough, we will be free to walk without restraints. With gyms closed, it is a good reason to be getting your steps up for our Walk to Cambodia challenge!   


Channel your inner Forrest Gump and get that heart rate up! Like we mentioned above, for more challenge, pick up your pace or take the hills! 

Running is great for mental health, and if you want to get your steps up while at a higher heart rate! Plus of course, it is free and gives you some fresh air. 

YouTube classes

Fitness videos are huge on YouTube! All you have to do is search the terms “yoga” or “HIIT”, and you will be presented with loads of YouTubers who provide you with workouts for free! 

There is so much content you will never run out of workouts to do! Some fitness influencers have programs they also run off their YouTube for free! You just have to search for them. 

Free HHA Classes 

During the month of April here at Human and Hope, we are providing free fitness classes for those who have signed up for our Walk to Cambodia program! The classes include yoga and dance fitness – just to name a few! There are a great range of classes and times to sign up to. 

Free gym classes 

As most gyms are closed down, a lot of them are offering classes to their members and also their non-members. It is an excellent way for them to promote their gym and services. Search some of the major gyms’ Facebook pages and see who offers free access to their groups and training videos! 

Free trials for fitness apps 

Online fitness programs like Centr and Keep it Cleaner offer free trials to promote their fitness programs and apps. Especially during this time, they are offering them for free for even longer! Have a search for some available, Centr is currently six weeks free!! 

Final thoughts

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars a year to get fit. All you need is the motivation and the resources to get started! Well, we have provided you with some great ways to start working out for free so now it is up to you!  

If you want some more accountability, sign up to our Walk to Cambodia, which starts on April 1!! Please click here for more information.