The results of the 2020 Walk to Cambodia are in!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we smashed our goal of walking the distance from Australia to Cambodia. All up, we walked 14,345,132 steps! That means we not only walked all the way to Australia, we walked halfway back again!

Thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts of our walkers, we raised $12,524, which will provide 104 Cambodian children with a year of education, so they have the knowledge and confidence to break the cycle of poverty. 

We couldn’t have done this without you, and we also couldn’t have done this without our fitness partners who generously donated their time and energy to this event. 

Human and Hope Association’s Managing Director, Thai, has the following message for you:

You have been a vital part of our team, and we are so grateful that you spent this month focusing on your health and the wellbeing of Cambodian children. We hope that you will join us next year for our 3rd annual Walk to Cambodia!

Stay involved

If you want to stay involved with Human and Hope, there are plenty of ways we would love you to help:

Volunteer – we have a range of volunteer vacancies in Australia where you can utilise your skills to make a lasting impact on people overcoming poverty.

Host a Christmas market at your workplace – we will bring our ethically-made handicrafts to your work, giving your team the opportunity to shop small and support the empowerment of women and children.

Travel to Cambodia – when the borders open again, the Cambodian economy will need our tourist dollars. Immerse yourself in the Cambodian culture, support social enterprises and visit the Human and Hope Association!

Thanks again. You rock!

Team Walk to Cambodia