Where Are Your Funds Going?

All the funds raised through Walk to Cambodia are supporting Human and Hope Association, a community centre in Siem Reap.

Access to education, training and other community programs unlocks invaluable opportunities abound. Irrespective of a community member’s age or experience, Human and Hope Association believes in spreading the message that educational and vocational programs for all age groups is key to achieving a sustainable future.

The team endeavours to engage with community members to participate in their programs and take onboard a skill which brings them closer to breaking out of the poverty cycle. Currently, Human and Hope Association’s programs consist of:


Aimed at children aged 5-18 years old, these programs supplement their public school education, setting them up for a brighter future. They provide the following classes in: English, living values, Khmer, preschool, art and library. They also provide ongoing programs in staff development.


Aimed towards all community members, many of whom were unable to complete high school and most of whom are illiterate. While this proves challenging at times in delivery of the program, the results are wholeheartedly worth it upon seeing improvements to their confidence. Human and Hope Association currently have a sewing program and a home sewing business program.


The community projects at Human and Hope Association are targeted towards the most vulnerable community members who are the poorest of the poor. Whilst challenging, HHA believes in empowering the community with knowledge and skills to achieve a sustainable future. They currently run workshops, outreach and opportunity scholarships, family farm programs and university scholarships.

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